Some children

Some children Thus, it is, rather everything, point from the list of events of life of the child.

Some children throw things when are angered; whether there will be similar cases are carried to the list of events of life of the child or to the list of events of your life, depends, from our point of view, on what things were thrown or are damaged.

If it is your things, the incident definitely influences yours life; if it were the child's things, their breakage loss for him, but not for you.

That is why this point should be carried to the list of events of life child.

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This life

This life In the world of the imagination where it roughly blossoms, there is no Comte rolya mistakes, are not present anything that would coordinate thought.

Game centration of attention on real things, with all I follow press consequences for the future from here, there is not cart purse.

This life of imagination, mistakenly socalled, is an atrophy of bodies, from which functioning spiritual life depends.

The teacher who tries to a sfok to sirovat attention of the child on something real, doing real nost available and attractive which manages zain to teresovat it, say, to lay the real table and to give the real food, speaks a pipe voice with it is scattered the ny reason wandering far from the way sobstven benefit foot.

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I believe, in it secret

I believe, in it secret Always I reflect and I do not know the answer why children at a fire so like to set fire to sticks and, separating them from the general flame, to hold sparks asterisks on tips of branches?

Also is useless to seat them into place.

I believe, in it secret of fascinating feeling of management of the fire, possibility of its transfer or, on wave of desire, suppression.

And unless candles for day the given rise pie do not include secret of the unique fire lit at a fire on a stick?

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It is one of tricks

It is one of tricks They and are called the accompanying movements.

It is one of tricks which children use to facilitate to themselves process of speaking.

It seems to the child that it is easier, more convenient to it to speak if it squeezes and unclench a fist, to foot tap a foot, to rub a chin.

All these actions help to interrupt a heavy speech spasm.

If they are built in a consecutive chain, there is a special motive ritual to which the child resorts at the beginning of the speech.

Other type of a peculiar trick, attempt to disguise a spasm, a pause in the speech, socalled embola are.

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Age of , years

Age of , years Ball and boy.

Here a ball big we show hands a wide range, And here small we show hands a small circle, Here the boy big we show growth above ourselves, And here the little boy we show growth to ourselves on a belt.

Age of , years Jack.

And you know that Jack we clap Very dexterous person is stamped the foot.

Look as now we clap He will jump five times is stamped the foot forward.

Start considering we bend fingers: Razdvatrichetyrepyat we jump under the account forward.

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